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After half a year, we meet up once again with our young artists, whereupon all families of the children receive brochures and exhibition catalogues, in order to show what has been done with their artwork. Furthermore, it is also made transparent how the generated proceeds are being invested. Of importance is not only making sure that there is still interest from the families partaking in Art Meets Education, but also to inform the families in detail how the project will move forward. If there is still interest, a contract between AME, the parents, the child, as well as the director of the school and regional governance is signed. This contract serves to codify the rights and obligations of all participating parties.
The local project manager makes sure that school supplies are made available as well as assuring the child receives as warm meal each school day - both of which are financed from the proceeds of their sold artworks. During moments such as the handing out of school supplies, is extremely important for us to establish contact with the children so that they are better able to strengthen their self-confidence. Put simply - without their cooperation, their interest in photography, as well as their creative potential, none of this would have been possible. In the end, the children have essentially financed their education by themselves.

The proceeds from the exhibitions make the financing for their education possible, which assures them schooling from primary school all the way through to their high school diploma. Having achieved this, they will have created the foundation for greater possibilities in life.

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